1. How do you select your caregivers?
    We conduct an initial screening over the phone. Caregivers are selected after a full in-person interview and reference checks have been completed. Home Careolina conducts a national criminal background check.

  2. What trainings do your caregivers undergo?
    All caregivers receive training in infection prevention and control as well as the body mechanics of lifting (meeting all OSHA standards). Individual caregivers can be trained on-site at each client location.

  3. May I meet my caregiver before our first day together?
    Yes. Home Careolina can arrange for you and your caregiver to meet prior to beginning services.

  4. Will I always have the same caregiver?
    Home Careolina makes every effort to send the caregiver with whom you are familiar. If your regular caregiver is unable to work a scheduled shift due to illness or some other emergency, we will do everything possible to find a suitable substitute. Naturally, we will keep you informed of any changes.

  5. What are the advantages of using a caregiver service such as yours over hiring someone from the newspaper or a referral service (private caregivers)?
    All Home Careolina caregivers are full employees and Home Careolina handles all employment taxes. Our caregivers are also fully insured and bonded and are covered by Worker's Compensation. All caregivers go through an intensive screening process, have 24/7 access to supervision and receive personalized training at your home.

  6. Why should I choose your service over another in my area?
    Home Careolina has achieved an excellent reputation as a top-quality caregiver service. Our growth has been due primarily to word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients and their families. We remain in close contact on a regular basis with our caregivers to ensure your satisfaction with all aspects of your care.

  7. Why are your fees lower than other agencies?
    Home Careolina is not a franchise and not subject to high franchise fees and other overhead expenses. We pride ourselves on passing that savings on to our clients.

  8. What areas do you serve?
    Our office is centrally located in the Lake Norman area in Cornelius. We serve clients within 90 miles of our Cornelius office.

  9. Are you a local or a national company?
    Home Careolina is locally owned and operated. The owners, Lynn and Andi, are involved in the day to day operations of the business.

  10. May I receive your services in other settings besides my home?
    Yes. Home Careolina provides services in nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities and other settings.

  11. Is Home Careolina a Registry/Referral Service?
    No. All caregivers are employees of Home Careolina.

  12. Are your employees insured and bonded?

  13. Will I be responsible for my caregiver's employment taxes?

  14. Home Careolina pays all employment taxes and also provides Worker's Compensation. Will Medicare or my private insurance reimburse for your services?
    No. Home Careolina is a private-pay caregiver service.

  15. Will my Long Term Care Insurance cover your services?
    In most cases, Long Term Care Insurance does reimburse for our services. We will be happy to work with you to determine the eligibility requirements of your particular insurance company.

  16. Will someone from your company come to my home to conduct an initial assessment?
    Yes. Depending on the level of care needed, an RN or one of the owners conducts an initial needs assessment in order to get to know you and see how you like things done in your home. Information regarding your health issues, the services you require and your emergency contacts will be obtained at this time.

  17. Do I need to sign a contract?
    Home Careolina has a service agreement that must be signed prior to beginning services.

  18. Can I change my services and/or my schedule after I sign the service Agreement?
    Yes. Simply call our office with any changes you would like to make.

  19. Will I be able to reach a supervisor at any time?
    Yes. Home Careolina provides access to an on-call supervisor at all times.

  20. How does your scheduling work?
    You choose the hours you need. We provide as little as one hour per week or up to 24/7 coverage.

  21. How is billing handled?
    Clients are sent an invoice bi-weekly.