Our transportation services can be tailored to your needs.

Doctor Visits
One of our caregivers will pick up your family member and bring him or her to their appointment. We can stay in the waiting room during the appointment, or go in the see the doctor to serve as an advocate for your loved one. We complete a report so that the family will know of any diagnoses or instructions. We can even pick up any prescriptions on the way home.

Social Outings
Our caregivers can accompany your loved one to such events as weddings or family reunions. This allows everyone to enjoy themselves, confident that all personal care needs will be met.

Our experienced staff can travel with you and provide assistance. Visiting a relative in Florida and need a hand getting there? We can help.

Other Outings
We can escort you on other outings such as:
•The Hairdresser
•Grocery Shopping
•The Library
•Lunch with friends
•The Mall
•The Movies
•Anywhere you want to go!