Caregivers Newsletter
Volume 1, Issue 1

April is stress awareness month. We all know some stress is good for us. For seniors, stress can be overwhelming. Contributing factors to senior stress can be loss of a spouse or friend., living alone can increase isolation. This stress can intensify health conditions causing additional worries.

Here are 5 common signs of stress in Seniors:

1. Changes in eating habits, over-eating or loss of appetite

2. Mood swings and increased irritability, general sadness or depression

3. Seniors often isolate themselves from others.

4. Physical signs of stress can be body aches and pains or increased episodes of illness. Changes in sleeping patterns whether falling asleep or interrupted nighttime sleep.

5. Memory lapses may arise in the form of increased forgetfulness of names, places, or other things that typically come naturally. Lack of Concentration, poor judgment such as excessive spending.

Tips for Alleviating Stress:

  •  Do some physical activity. Yoga, tai chi, exercises designed for seniors, or simply take a walk this can alleviate the effects of stress. 

  •  Meditation can also be beneficial, taking time out to collect your thoughts can lead to increased energy.

 Healthy eating and getting a good night’s sleep are great stress busters. Cells are regenerated and harmful invaders are destroyed while we sleep.

  •  Get a pet. Science shows us that the unconditional love that pets exhibit helps us to naturally de-stress with powerful effects of lowering our blood pressure.

  •  Find a new purpose to fill your time: volunteer, senior activities, a class.

  •  Socialize—socialization offers a chance to clear the mind of daily responsibilities.

  •  Seek Professional help; many communities have special services for the elderly.

Caregiver New Online University

Stay in touch with continuing education through our on line university on our website. We will be giving incentives for those who continue education through this site…. Stay tuned for more information on this….

Home Careolina

If you have an active senior ;bring them out to the Fun and Fitness Day at Jetton Park, April 15th from 9:00-11:00am. We will have a booth set up. Come by and let your senior get a chair massage by our office staff ,licensed massage therapist, Ina Salber.

Note: check out our new video on the front page of


We at Home Careolina take pride in our caregivers. Our clients have entrusted us into their hearts and homes. Although we can get very attached, we still must remain professional and ethical at all times. Remember you are caring for someone’s loved one. We truly are the eyes and ears for our clients.


We are available 24/7, (704-892-0030) for our clients if an emergency arises, but please be mindful, if you must call after office hours that it is truly an emergency. Our staff works hard to meet our client needs and yours, but they also have families to tend too. Thank you for understanding.

Caregiver tip:

“Laughter truly is the best medicine.” Recharge yourself with making yourself laugh, or watch a funny movie, comedy show, or call a friend that makes you laugh, find humor in every day situations

Thank you for all you do for Home Careolina, we strive to be the number one senior choice for home care. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call on us. 704-892-0030

Thanks again,
Mary, Ina, Paula, and Judy


Do you know a compassionate person who is looking for part time work?

Are they looking for a rewarding part time job? 

Do they want to make a difference in someone's life? 

Do they want to do something meaningfuland make some money at the same time? 

Caregiver and Client
Caregiver and Client

Then a companion caregiver job at Home Careolina is the job for them!

We are always looking for great caregivers.  Specifically, we hire women and men who have the "caring gene."  People who have a passion for helping our elderly friends and neighbors.  We have clients in Charlotte, Concord, Kannapolis, Denver, Statesville, Mooresville, Huntersville, Davidson and Cornelius. And we are constantly hiring quality companion caregivers and CNA's (certified nursing assistants). 

We train and place our caregivers in the homes of seniors who want to stay at home rather than move to a facility.  They are often forced out of their homes prematurely because they can't manage their household tasks, have memory issues, or continue to drive safely.  We create care plans based on our clients' individual needs.  Some folks need more help than others and we go to great lengths to make sure that our caregivers and clients are a great match!  Our clients come to expect "boutique style" service from us and it’s our pleasure to provide that level of service to our clients and their families!

Our trusted agency has provided care for seniors since 2004.  We are bonded and insured and have a Registered Nurse on staff who trains and supervises all of our caregivers.

If you or someone you know wants to learn more about becoming a member of our Caregiving team and can pass a rigorous background check and has reliable transportation, then visit our website and fill out our online application at

Andi Carroll


Home Careolina

Communication Techniques to help those with Cognitive Impairment.

Recognizing the need for the way you communicate and implementing these approaches will allow for less chaos, behavior and frustration.

  1. Use Yes/No questions and avoid choices and open-ended questions.

  2. Avoid lengthy explanations.  Give short, simple explanations.

  3. Never argue or power struggle.

  4. Avoid giving more than 1 task at a time.

  5. A low pitched, slow, measured tone of voice will help reassure the person.

  6. Speak slowly and clearly.

  7. Be concrete and specific.

  8. Be patient. Give the person time to respond.

  9. Keep a calm, accepting, and open affect.

  10. Long-term memory is often intact, so encourage reminiscing.

  11. Try to interpret the feelings the person is try to express rather than the content.  Pay attention to body language.

  12. Avoid treating the person like an infant.

  13. Do not directly challenge delusions or fantasies, but cast doubt.  For example, “you may think you are in France, but this is the United States.”

  14. Consistently re-orient the person to person, place and time.

  15. Avoid frustrating or confusing topics.ccTry to change the subject.

  16. Be aware of your body language and consciously slow down and relax.


Andi Carroll
Home Careolina

My Story: The birth of Home Careolina Senior Care

People often ask me how I came to be an owner of a home care agency.  Are you a nurse? No.  Do you have a medical background? No.  So how is it that a mother of four decided to open a home care agency in the Lake Norman area in 2004?  I often joke that Home Careolina is my fifth child.  But it really isn't much of a joke.  I do feel like I gave birth to this service company nearly ten years ago and have nurtured it along the way each year since....much like my children!

In 2003, my mother in law had a need for short term home care following a surgery.  I was shocked to learn that most agencies serving the Lake Norman area were based in Charlotte or Statesville.   I saw a need for a local presence and decided that it was time for me to re-enter the workforce.  After taking time off to start our family, I wanted to do something that was service oriented.  I knew that whatever I did would take valuable time away from my family.  Therefore, it needed to be time well spent and worthy of that sacrifice -- so helping seniors age in place in their own homes was a perfect fit. 

Home Careolina Senior Care has enjoyed steady growth since its inception.  We have a wonderful team of caregivers and an office staff who has a true spirit of service.  I like to describe Home Careolina as a "boutique" home care agency -- not because we are more expensive -- because we are not, but because we are truly different.  We are not a franchise so we have complete control over how we run our business.  Our RN's and office staff will bend over backwards time and again to best serve our clients' needs.  Why? It's rather simple, because we care.  Because we live here, our children go to school here, we attend church here....this is our home and these seniors and their families are our friends and neighbors.  To us, this is more than a is a way to give back to a community that we love and cherish.  We should all be able to grow old here.

So, if you know of anyone who could use some extra help at home or a family caregiver who needs a break, give us a call....we can help.



Andi Carroll, Co-owner
Home Careolina